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Deep Thoughts

Mrs. Peacock was a man??

Abby Normal
I am a forty-ish wife, mom, small business owner and runner. Inspired by the fascinating, varied, (and occasionally really awful) world of HP fanfiction, I decided to take up writing again as a creative outlet. I've always been aware that I live in a dream world, with all these crazy stories in my head. It's good to know I am not alone there.

On friending: I am always happy to make new friends. I generally will add you in return, once I realize you have friended me, so long as your journal is not blank. If you have come for the fic only, feel free to de-friend me and choose my ficjournal, ozmafics, instead. My journal is about 40 % personal, 30% fandom-related and 30 % fics. If you ever feel the need to say anything in private to me, feel free to email me at ozma_katiebell@yahoo.com.